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Cleaning services for private individuals

We have created our residential cleaning services for private individuals. For general cleaning of your apartment, house or holiday home, we have three packages to choose from. These cleaning packages can be fully customized with our additional services, which you can find out more about. You can hire us for occasional cleaning / deep cleaning or you can order a continuous service on a daily, weekly or monthly periodic.

 In addition to general cleaning, you can also choose from special options such as post construction or post renovation cleaning, disinfectant cleaning, and extreme cleaning for properties with extreme contamination. But if you just need a window cleaning, we are also very happy to help you. We can also provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning for your home textiles. You can find our cleaning services and a detailed description of them below!

Did you know? Hire a professional cleaning company is an investment!

Yes, even in private life! You can benefit from it in several ways if you entrust the dirty work to a cleaning company. First of all, you gain time with it, which you can spend with your loved ones, perhaps with entertainment, sports or just your hobbies. Second, if you have to work, you can spend the freed time working to earn money. And last but not least, you will also gain health with the cleanliness, because you will live your everyday life in an environment free of dust, dirt and bacteria, filled with the good feeling and positive energy that comes from cleanliness.​

Regular cleaning

This is our smallest cleaning package for private individuals for general house and flat cleaning in our range. Depending on the size of the property, this cleaning will only take a few hours. Of course we have no mercy for the toilets this time either, we not only wipe the seat, but the whole surface of the toilet (behind it too!) including the tiles and the toilet door. In the bathroom, we also descale the area around the bath or shower tray and the washbasin. In the kitchen, we also tidy up the countertop, wipe off smudges, grease, fingerprints from cabinet doors and take the trash out. After a full house dusting, your home will undergo a very thorough vacuuming and mopping.

Deep cleaning

The most important matter of a deep clean is to thoroughly clean areas of the home or other property that are not touched during general cleaning. This cleaning is limited only by your imagination and of course time. Every corner of the home is dusted and cleaned of dirt. Movable furniture is moved out of its place and cleaned behind it. We also dust the tops of cupboards and the shelves and drawers. The bathroom also gets a much more thorough cleaning. For example, behind and under the washing machine, we also pick up any items that have been left behind, vacuum and mop. Scaling is removed. In the kitchen, too, we free all surfaces from the grip of grease dust.  This cleaning package also includes the cleaning of the windows and the doors.

Post construction cleaning

Is your brand new home turnkey? But is the joy overshadowed by a „little” dust, debris and construction waste? Or is it all that paint and plaster that’s preventing you from getting your castle ready? And we haven’t even mentioned the duct tape on window frames or the protective sheeting on furniture. The list of these hard-to-remove contaminants or items which don't fit the picture that can be created during a construction project goes on and on. They can only be removed with great care and hard work. This care is particularly important because care must be taken not to damage the surfaces to be cleaned while removing the dirt. There are several advantages to having a continuously cleaning process in place during construction work. On the one hand, it makes the final cleaning much easier and, on the other hand, it protects the tiles and furniture from being permanently damaged during the subsequent works. For example, dust and other dirt being trampled into new carpeting by workers, to mention just one very annoying and common problem.

Post renovation cleaning

This option is the little brother of Post-Construction Cleaning. After renovating a flat or a house, the tasks are similar to those after finishing a construction project. In most cases, the biggest task after a renovation is cleaning up all the dust, paint and tape. In between finishing the renovation and moving back in, there is a very challenging task, and that is cleaning. Leave it to the professionals and you’ll just have to enjoy the aura of your newly renovated home!

Sofa cleaning

Upholstered furniture, just like carpets, needs thorough cleaning from time to time.  As with carpets, upholstery is also prone to dust mites, which can cause respiratory illnesses. Of course, traces of soiling caused by constant use or food or drink stains from any 'accidents' can also be removed with a wet upholstery cleaning machine to restore the shine to your beloved sofa or chair.

Carpet cleaning

We can provide professional carpet cleaning in your home, but if you want to give your carpets an even more thorough cleaning, we can of course clean them to perfection on our premises. We even ozone treat them if you want us to banish dust mites and unpleasant odours! Do you have floor carpets? With our scrubbing machines we can clean your floor carpets down to the very bottom!

Additional services

To tailor the cleaning to your needs, we have created additional (part) tasks so you can fully personalize your cleaning. For example, you can add ironing or even window cleaning to a basic package. But you can also take our extra services separately if you just want your carpets or sofas cleaned.

Oven Cleaning (We will clean your oven inside and out, including all accessories, grids, pans, oven interior) *Naturally average in case of a mess!


Fridge Cleaning (unpacking and cleaning of fridge + freezer, including grids, storage boxes) *Freezer must be defrosted the day before cleaning!


Cleaning of cupboards (dusting and cleaning of shelves, drawers, tidy return of contents)


Washing / Laundering (approx. 5 kg of clothes or textiles is an average wash load, for us it is 1 load)


Ironing (for ironing, we also take 5 kg of clothes or other textiles as 1 load)


Cleaning of doors surfaces and frames


Dishwashing (We count 1 sink full of plates, glasses, dishes as 1 portion) *Naturally not double the amount!


Terrace cleaning (dusting furniture, mopping floors)


Curtain cleaning (curtain cleaning includes taking down, washing and putting back curtains)


Grill grate cleaning (cleaning the grill grate)


Small kitchen appliances (thorough cleaning of coffee maker, toaster, food processor, sandwich maker, juicer, deep fryer, kettle, bread maker, steamer and cooking utensils)

Window cleaning

Window cleaning is a key element of cleaning (cleaning-technology) as an activity. Usually, windows are cleaned as part of a deep cleaning, because it is a time-consuming task to do it on a weekly or even monthly basis. There are several options to choose from, you can have just the window panes cleaned or you can have the whole window cleaned, including the shutters. Using state-of-the-art techniques and cleaning machines, you'll have spotlessly clean windows after the window cleaning that will make even the neighbours envious!


If you choose this option, you don't have to limit yourself! This is the full extra cleaning package that exists! All the basic and additional services are included! We will clean your home from top to bottom. Everything from window cleaning to carpet and upholstery cleaning to curtain washing is included, including the inside of your closets, oven, fridge, etc.! We use all of our cleaning machines, steam cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, spray-extraction carpet and sofa cleaner.

Accommodation (AirBnb) cleaning

Are you in the short-term rental business, renting out your city centre flat as an apartment? We can take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders. As a city centre cleaning company, we have a wealth of experience in cleaning apartments. You can also leave the bed linen washing to us, we will take the dirty linen to our centre, and then wash and iron it before the arrival of the new guest.

Extreme cleaning

There are situations where a property is so extremely contaminated that a civilian simply cannot deal with it. Most people turn their backs as soon as they open the door, as they are overcome by the unbelievable sight and struck by the unbearable stench. Such serious conditions can develop in the following cases:

  • Elderly, sick people are unable to clean the property and live for years/decades without cleaning, often with urine and faeces

  • Drug addicts' living quarters (commonly known as drug houses)

  • Homes of hoarders, garbage accumulators (When a person accumulates a terrible amount of garbage, often only paths are available to walk through in the yard or home)

  • After a deceased person or animal(s)

  • Homeless people move into a vacant property

  • Undemanding tenant after accumulating piles of rubbish and terrible dirt

Floor Scrubbing

For floor cleaning, we use state-of-the-art scrubbing machines / scrubber driers, steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Also for the basic cleaning, we follow the Golden Step sequence, already known in cleaning technology, from I to IV according to the needs and requirements. In short, Gold Step I, preparing the surface for cleaning and removing non-sticky contaminants, such as sweeping or vacuuming. II. gold step, cleaning. Here, different mechanisms of action can be invoked, such as chemical action, i.e. cleaning with chemicals, mechanical action and thermal action. Step III, rinsing and drying. IV. gold plating, the application of protective coatings to the cleaned surface and disinfection.

If you would like us to provide the cleaning products, this is also possible, but you must indicate this when ordering! You can read here about the cleaning products what we use.


Do you live environmentally conscious? Do you want chemical-free yet efficient cleaning that results in a sparkling clean? Choose our Organic Cleaning Package, in this case we use excellent products from the German brand Frosch.

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