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Deep cleaning

In general about deep (major) cleaning

  In an average household, it is recommended to do a Deep Cleaning twice a year. This is roughly the 6-month period during which enough dust and dirt accumulates in the home to make the General Cleaning not enouh. Not only do we dust and wipe free-standing areas clean, as in a daily (routine) cleaning, but we also move all objects and furniture out of their place and clean underneath and behind them. For bookcases, we unload the entire contents of the shelf (books and other items on the shelf), dust the books, wipe through the trinkets, and then clean all sides of the cabinet (including the top, bottom and all shelves). Lamps and light fittings are dismantled and all the insects and accumulated dust are removed and the parts are washed clean. The entire property undergoes a very thorough spiderweb removal. Following the basic 'top to bottom' rule, we move from the ceiling to the floor, remembering that objects and furniture have a bottom (underside) which is also a dusty, cobwebbed surface that needs to be cleaned during the clean. We are thinking here, for example, of the legs and undersides of chairs, the underside of the seat, if there is a cabinet with a base, it must also be wiped down. Carpets and upholstery are also super little dust traps, they are also home to dust mites, so it is recommended that they are cleaned by wet cleaning, not just thoroughly vacuumed.

  During Deep Cleaning in bathrooms, the entire tiled surface has to be cleaned from floor to ceiling, using limescale removal of course. It will be a battle of several rounds before the limescale is completely removed. For useful tips on how to overcome it, see our blog. For more detailed information on cleaning your bathroom, see our blog post on how to get the dirt off your sanitary ware without leaving a trace.

  Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is the most challenging area to clean. Even the most professional cleaners will have a tough time removing the dust that's stuck in the grease.

Cleaning doors, windows and their frames is an important part of the cleaning process. In addition to windows, all other glass surfaces are usually cleaned at this time, including glass walls, glass railings and mirrors.

  Spring is the first time of the year for cleaning, because during the dusting the windows can be open and they can lay out bed linen, carpets and other household textiles in the sunlight to get rid of dust mites. Cushions and seating can also be taken out to be dusted...

We could go on and on about what else you should do during a clean, but let's look at the specifics!

Content of deep (major) cleaning package:

Let's see what this service includes!

As mentioned above, we start the cleaning with a comprehensive dusting. Compared to our basic package, we'll go through your home much more thoroughly! We work from the top to bottom and leave nothing out. This package also includes door and window cleaning! We wipe down the furniture, then vacuum and mop the floor once more after putting the books and trinkets back on the shelves.

Not included however!

Cupboards and drawers are not unpacked or tidied. We don't do the laundry or the dishes. We don't clean the oven or the fridge. Nor does the package include the terrace. We don't take down and wash the curtains. We don't clean carpets and upholstery with a vacuum cleaner. You can order these as extras! But if you are looking for a complete package with all the extras, we recommend our TOTAL SHOWDOWN package! This way you get the extras at a lower price!

Deep (major) cleaning tasks in detail

Kitchen and pantry

Kitchen section from top to bottom:

  • Cleaning of lamps, light fittings (dismantling)

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Degreasing/dusting of gas pipes

  • Cleaning of windows and their frames

  • Grease / dust kitchen cupboard tops

  • Cleaning of the inside of the kitchen cupboard (by unloading the contents), including drawers

  • Degreasing the bottom (top row) of the kitchen cupboard

  • Cleaning of kitchen cabinet doors (inside/outside), including handles, handles

  • Oven external degreasing

  • Cleaning of oven interior (optional extra)

  • Degreasing of extractor hood

  • Cleaning the outside of the oven (optionally also behind the oven)

  • Cleaning the inside of the refrigerator (optional extra)

  • Cleaning the inside and outside of the microwave oven

  • Cleaning of small kitchen appliances (optional extra)

  • Cleaning of shelves and surfaces. Repacking of objects

  • Cleaning the outside of cupboards

  • Cleaning of internal surfaces of cupboards (optional extra)

  • Tables and chairs

  • Floor cleaning

  • Cleaning of floor tiles

More detailed description coming soon…

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