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Our slogan:We're fighting against the dirt with sponges in our hands!

Our main idea

 When man are thinking about a business, they want to come up with something that will make you money. That's how we were, like all enterprising people. But as well as making money, we want to offer a service that could make life better for others. Since everyone loves cleanliness, but no one loves to do cleaning, we thought we could take the burden off the shoulders of those who wanted to spend their time in a more useful or enjoyable way instead of this time-consuming task..


 It was with this idea in mind that we started and founded TAK, the Takarító Kommandó in Hungary. In recent years, we had become the most famous cleaning services company of Hungary. We are fresh! We are motivated! And we are extremely enthusiastic about our clients, proving that they have chosen the best possible cleaning service when they put their trust in us. That's why we strive to exceed expectations every single time, and of course leave a sparkling clean legacy, because for us, our customers' satisfaction comes first! It has been a long road to market leadership, but perseverance and the quality work has paid off.

 Encouraged by the success and with the lot of knowledge in our mind and much experience behind our back, we expanded our services first in Ausztria, Swiss and Germany with the RKO, das Reinigungs Kommando, and now we establish a worldwide brand the Cleaning Commando, the Special Wiping Action Team.

About our logo

We wanted to create a simple motif, yet one that represents the process of cleaning. Because we think that the yellow rubber gloves and the sponge are clear sign that cleaning is involved and they are also iconic tools of cleaning. Hence the rubber gloved hand with the sponge wipes the dirty surface and leaves a clean finish behind.

logo of the Cleaning Commando - cleaning service company

About our slogan

Unfortunately, our catchy Hungarian slogan cannot be translated into English, so we had to invent new ones for the Special Wiping Action Team: We're fighting against the dirt with sponges in our hands!



Gabor Benke

Specialist qualifications:

- Cleaning - Technological worker

- Cleaning - Technological service manager

About the Cleaning Commando's logo

Our references

BioTechUSA is one of our first clients. Our first order from this worldwide company was to clean up their annual company event, which they have since entrusted us to keep clean every year. In addition to smaller jobs, the biggest order for this world-renowned food supplement manufacturer was the ongoing cleaning of their recently completed 3,500 m2 office building construction site.

Office cleaning

Not exhaustive. Sporaarchitect architectural office, PTA accounting office, Nano, MobileFOX, Sugarbird, ReTÖRKI, Pult Kft., BIKE Logistics Kft., Music House, Business Case Society, Pannon Freissnet, Polo Wholesale, I-COM office supply, STV, KT Electronic, and many more.

After construction cleaning / After renovation cleaning

As you may have read in the introduction, we have maintained the cleanliness of the BioTechUSA office building under construction for more than 1.5 years. We also did the pre-commissioning clean-up of 4 apartment blocks of 25 apartments. We have cleaned tousands of newly completed, brand new apartments and houses of individuals to a sparkling clean so far. On behalf of GANZ-Danubia, we are continuously cleaning the MAHART buoy inspection boats after production. And we are associated with several general contractors who build and renovate apartments, houses and offices. We've also done work like this in the "Akropolis" of gambling. The house under construction in the Creators TV programme is being cleaned of dirt from the renovation work by the Cleaning Commando.

Professional (industrial) kitchen cleaning and restaurant cleaning

Trattoria La Coppola (complete deep cleaning)

Nudli (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Rumour Restaurant (Michelin star restaurant) (complete deep cleaning)

Mama Langosch (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Costes Downtown (Michelin star restaurant) (industrial kitchen complete deep cleaning)

Costes Kalvin (Michelin star restaurant) (after renovation cleaning for the kitchen and the restaurant)

Nobu Restaurant (curtains washing)

Amerikan School (kitchen deep cleaning)

San San Asian Gourmet Restaurant (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Budapest, Dohany str 68. - Restaurant (complete deep cleaning)

Atlas bar Vienna (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

And more...

Shop cleaning

Breitling Watch Salon, Sewing Machine Centre, and more...

Private individuals

We cannot give out information about our private individuals clients, and it would be difficult to list the thousands of clean-ups we have done so far. But you can find reviews about us on the Internet for private cleaning of apartments, houses and holiday homes!

You can find photo and video posts of the above mentioned works on our social media platforms, which you can access by clicking on the icons in the footer of our website!

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