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Event Cleaning

The 4 steps of organizing an event: preparation, organization, delivery and follow-up works. We will be your professional partner in the preparation of the venue, the cleaning during the event and the restoration of the mess after the event. Our services are tailored to meet your needs as perfectly as possible. In the 21st century, more and more events are being organised for various reasons in both the private and business sectors. Event planning was already practised by the ancient Romans, when events were organised by the emperor himself. We have created this service for companies and individuals who, like the Roman emperor, love perfection and want to impress their guests with stunning organisation, including a sparkling cleanliness.

event cleaning

Are you a private individual? Do you want to host a birthday party, housewarming party, kids' party or wedding in your home? Do you want to organize an imperial party for your friends? The Cleaning Commando will be the perfect partner to clean up before the party or after the reception. This way, you don't have to worry about this important task and you can focus all your energy on organizing the perfect party!


In the case of companies, there are several directions for events. They can organise an event for employee enjoyment, team building or to celebrate a special occasion, or they can even throw a grab-and-go reception to attract new clients or retain old ones. And of course there are the specialist event management companies. These companies are professionals, and they do 100% professional work. With an event planning company, the client simply outlines what they want and the professionals make it happen. Just like we do in cleaning!

Simply contact us and order our "Event Cleaning" service and we will conjure up perfect cleanliness before, during or after your event, private or corporate, as required!

Cleaning tasks in preparation for the organization of events:

Site preparation:

This process consists of two steps, one is cleaning the premises. Whether a general cleaning is enough or a major cleaning is required depends entirely on the condition of the site. And if you want to extend the cleaning process with window cleaning, carpet cleaning or other 'extra services', you can do that too.

Cleaning of equipment:

It is advisable to wash cutlery, plates and glasses thoroughly before a well-organized event.

And last but not least, the arrangement of the furniture, the setting of the tables and the chairs.

Cleaning during the event:

You can also count on our help during the event if you want. Keeping the restrooms clean; washing plates and glasses on a regular basis; removing any unexpected dirt that may be necessary, we will tailor this service entirely to the client's needs.

Restoring order after the event:

Unfortunately, being the host is an ungrateful fate, because at the end of the event, the guests leave the place in good spirits, but usually leave a huge mess behind, which is left to you to clean up, directly or indirectly. We take that burden off your shoulders and at the end of the party, you don't have to do the never-ending clean-up, but can enjoy the taste of success of the perfect party you've organized. And we'll restore order and cleanliness. Depending on the degree of dirt, you will have to choose the extent of the cleaning and the additional services, such as dishwashing, upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning.

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