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Dear inquirer! We help you about our services! Contact us!

In case if you would like send an attachment when contacting us, please send your letter and attachment to the following email address:

If you are sending a message without an attachment, please use the form below for faster processing.


If you would prefer to contact us by phone to discuss cleaning, you can reach us on the following numbers: +36300149327 and +36308937057


To make the consultation as effective as possible and to estimate the price of the cleaning as accurately as possible, you need to answer several important questions! It is a good idea to gather this information in advance!

Properties and characteristics of the property to be cleaned::

  • Size? If, for example, you don't want us to clean the whole apartment, but only the kitchen, for example, you can do that! In this case, please specify the size of the area you wish to clean.

  • What is the level of the contamination? Average, medium, heavily or extremely dirty?

  • Types of surfacing materials? Quantity and quality of objects and furniture?

  • Type, quantity and size of windows and glass, their accessibility?

Type of cleaning?

  • Regular cleaning, deep cleaning, after construction cleaning, after renovation cleaning, event cleaning, professional kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.


Tasks, needs:

  • It is not compulsory to order a specific package, you can just ask for specific tasks such as window cleaning, upholstery or carpet cleaning!

Contact form

Address of the property to be cleaned *

Thank you for filling out our contact form! We appreciate your inquiry! Our goal is to answer you as soon as possible, but the speed of processing depends on the number of incoming letters. We appreciate your patiente and understanding in advance! We will be contacting you soon!

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