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Cleaning services for companies

    Our cleaning services are also available to companies as well. Health and aesthetics are the two most important elements of our belief in cleanliness. Both are of paramount importance in this area. People spend a significant part of their lives at the workplace, this is why same important keeping clean these premises like our homes!

  In the 21st century, serious companies no longer allow their employees to smoke! There are several reasons for this! One reason is to protect their health, because a sick or absent employee is just taking money instead of doing useful work. On top of that, non-smoking employees perform even better! There are countries where mandatory exercise is required in the workplace. These are all regulations that protect the health of the company's employees!

   Why are we telling you this? Because that's exactly what regular cleaning is for! It prevents the development and spread of diseases. Pathogens on doorknobs, keyboards, toilets and many other surfaces can easily change hands because so many people come into contact with them. Not to mention allergic diseases caused by dust. Last but not least, cleanliness gives workers a positive energy boost. But there is another important aspect of keeping your office or business premises clean, and that is that customers who come to you will also feel good about a pleasant, clean environment, so they will be more likely to come to you, get a positive impression and spend more money at your company. These reasons show why cleaning is a good investment for a company.s.

"Kill two birds with one stone! Protect the health of your employees and impress your customers with cleanliness!"

This the message brought to you by Cleaning Commando.

General building cleaning for companies

  • Office cleaning (offices, kitchen, dining room, corridors, staircase, toilets)

  • Professional kitchen / restaurant cleaning

  • Flat - / House cleaning

  • Building cleaning (facades, external glass surfaces)

  • Business premises cleaning (shop floor, shop windows, warehouse, toilet)

  • Gym cleaning (gym, changing rooms, wellness, corridors)

  • Condominium cleaning (staircase, lift, service rooms, garage)

  • School cleaning (classrooms, corridors, offices, canteen, gym, toilets)

  • etc.

Cleaning services for companies

"The Cleaning Commando adds the perfect cleanliness to your company's image!"

Office cleaning

In many cases, a company's office is much more than just a place to work or a store for documents. An office represents the company, contributes to its image and can influence the outcome of negotiations with customers, suppliers and investors.


And from the point of view of the people who work there, cleanliness has other important effects too! We believe that the vast majority of people prefer to work in a clean environment, so cleanliness has a positive impact on work. It is also important from the health’s point of view to keep the workplace clean, because people can pass germs and infections 'hand to hand' through door handles, computer keyboards and many other places.

Major cleaning in company's property

The most important matter of a deep clean is to thoroughly clean areas of the office or other company's property that are not touched during general cleaning. This cleaning is limited only by your imagination and of course time. We will dusting and cleaning every corner of the office from the contamination.Moveable furniture is moved out of its place and cleaned behind it. We also dust the tops of cupboards and the shelves and drawers. Sinks and water closets are also cleaned more thoroughly. We're counting down the deposits of scale and pus. In kitchens and dining rooms, too, all surfaces are freed from the grip of grease dust. The deep cleaning package also includes the window cleaning and door cleaning as well.

Post-Construction cleaning

We also offer our post construction cleaning services to construction companies, contractors and general contractors. Whatever the stage of construction, the Cleaning Commando will always be a professional partner for your company. Continuous dust removal during construction and the containerization of leftover materials is as important a part of the construction process as precise construction work, because cleanliness ensures the integrity and precise fit of the pavements once they are in place. Last but not least, in our opinion, a contractor will only provide a high quality service if, when handing over a turnkey property, the buyer does not have to clean the property at his own expense, but receives the keys with the spotless cleanliness. We ensure the best results by using the latest techniques and cleaning products, trained staff and continuous monitoring.

Cleaning after renovation

Renovation is a smaller job than construction in terms of the construction itself, but just as big a job in terms of the cleaning that follows. The tasks after renovating an apartment or a house are similar to those after finishing a construction project. It is advisable to clean the property under construction continuously during the renovation, to ensure the integrity of the parts already completed, or to ensure a precise fit when installing new cladding and components. In most cases, the biggest task after a renovation is clearing away all the dust, paint and tape. Between the completion of the renovation and the reoccupation, there is a very demanding task, namely cleaning. Leave it to the professionals, it's what we do! We have experience of cleaning millions of square metres of property! Trust us, we clean better than painters or bricklayers!

Disinfectant cleaning

Disinfection is not a substitute for cleaning! A basic requirement for perfect disinfection is that surfaces are first cleaned of contamination. This is followed by cleaning with disinfectant, with the correct application time, and finally by treatment with an ozone generator or cold fogging machine. For best results, a combination of different disinfection processes is recommended. We are responsible for the disinfection of offices, company headquarters, institutions with a large number of guests, catering establishments, nightclubs and schools.

Event cleaning

There are many reasons for companies to organize an event. They may do it for the pleasure of employees, for team building or to celebrate a special occasion. But they may also want to throw a grab-and-go reception to attract new clients or retain old ones. And of course there are the specialized event management companies. These companies are professionals, and they are 100% professional. With an event management company, the client simply outlines what they want and they make it happen. Just like we do in cleaning!

Simply contact us and order our "Event Cleaning" service and we will conjure up perfect cleanliness before, during or after the event, as required!

Furniture fabric cleaning

We clean office chair upholstery and upholstery on seating furniture to perfection. We also have a lot of experience with stubborn dirt. Think about how clean a chair can be when someone sits in it all day, every day, and the back of the person who works in it must be in blood, sweat and tears.??? We also recommend cleaning the upholstery once a year.

Rug cleaning / floor carpet cleaning

We can provide professional carpet cleaning service for office, business center (headquarter) or any other commercial property, but if you want to give your carpets an even more thorough cleaning, we can of course clean them to perfection on our premises. We even ozone treat them if you want us to banish dust mites and unpleasant odours! Do you have floor carpets? With our scrubbing machines we can clean your floor carpets down to the very bottom!

Professional (industrial) kitchen / Restaurant cleaning

Professional kitchen cleaning and restaurant cleaning of the highest standard. We remove all grease deposits, food residue, mould and soot so thoroughly that even Gordon Ramsay's chin would fall off! You can order an occasional deep cleaning or a periodic daily cleaning to ensure your kitchen is always clean! Our opinion is that no matter what size or type of restaurant you have, your kitchen should always be spotlessly clean!

But it's not just the kitchen area you can rely on the Cleaning Command to clean! By arrangement, we will clean the entire restaurant, the entire area, to the highest standard, so that not only the food is prepared, but also consumed in Ramsay's standards of cleanliness.

Floor cleaning

Cleaning of garage floors, cleaning of painted concrete floors, cleaning of tiled floors, machine mopping, floor scrubbing... Just to name a few examples of floor cleaning. For floor cleaning, we use state-of-the-art scrubbing machines / scrubber-sweepers, steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness. Also for the basic cleaning, we follow the Golden Step sequence, already known in cleaning technology, from I to IV according to the needs and requirements. In short, Gold Step I, preparing the surface for cleaning and removing non-sticky contaminants, such as sweeping or vacuuming. II. gold step, cleaning. Here, different mechanisms of action can be invoked, such as chemical action, i.e. cleaning with chemicals, mechanical action and thermal action. Step III, rinsing and drying. IV. gold plating, the application of protective coatings to the cleaned surface and disinfection.

Window cleaning / Showcase cleaning

The perfectly clear glass has an intangible charm, as the windows are completely transparent, yet crystal clear. From the outside, comparing the house with its neighbour's, it is immediately obvious which house has clear windows! But when it's a shop or restaurant window, it's even more important that the glass is sparkling clean! A cool shop window is a customer magnet! But you can't have a cool window that's dirty!

Cleaning for short term rental apartments

Our apartment cleaning service is also available for short term rentals and apartment management companies! We take the burden of cleaning off your company's shoulders. As a city centre cleaning company, we have extensive experience in cleaning apartments.

Even if you order an occasional cleaning, we will carry out the work with the same care as if you were to clean daily, weekly or monthly. For companies, we also recommend a minimum of two comprehensive cleanings in a year to ensure that even the most secluded corners are perfectly clean. We offer a deep cleaning option for this.

Of course, it is also possible to choose a chemical-free cleaning package, but you can stick to "traditional" chemicals like a vinegar or soda.

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