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Short term rental apartment cleaning

Short term rental apartment cleaning

Do you deal with short-term rentals? Tired of cleaning every 2-3 days or even every day? We can take this difficult task off your shoulders, even if it involves laundering dirty linen and other household textiles (such as bath mat, toilet mat, towels, kitchen towels, tablecloths)! Thorough cleaning with finishing before the check in. Dusting, cleaning of furniture, wall surfaces; cleaning of toilets and bathrooms, descaling, disinfectant cleaning of sanitary ware. Degreasing and rinsing kitchen furniture, washing up used plates, cutlery, pans, pots and pans. Replacing rubbish bags, cleaning dustbins, putting out and replacing toilet paper and paper towels. Replacing used bed linen and household linen with fresh linen, with bedding. Vacuum cleaning, mopping. On request, we also occasionally carry out deep cleaning (at a special price) in these apartments rented out to tourists, so that the apartments always receive excellent reviews on and from the guests who stay there.

Prices of short term rental apartment cleaning

Price of the short-term rental apartment cleaning

 - 44 m2 - net 40 EUR / cleaning

45 - 59 m2 - net 55 EUR / cleaning

60 - 74 m2 - net 70 EUR / cleaning

75 - 89 m2 - net 85 EUR / cleaning

90 - 104 m2 - net 100 EUR / cleaning

105 - 119 m2 - net 115 EUR / cleaning

120 m2 felett - individual price

*The above prices do not include the price of laundry, transport of dirty household textiles, cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags and the delivery fee! Prices do not include VAT!

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