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How much does the cleaning cost?

prices of the cleanings

We give you the best offer

the greatest cleanliness

in mind!

Before we talk about specific prices, it's important to know what you get for your money at Cleaning Commando. An outstanding quality cleaning service!

What makes our service high quality?

  • We continuously train and educate the members of our team

  • We are constantly improving our tools and machinery to ensure we always work with the latest technology.

  • We use quality cleaning products and equipments

  • In every clean, a new sponge, a new cloth and a new mop head are used, with hygiene in mind

  • We teach our colleagues to be very thorough and efficient in their work, to pay attention to the smallest details during the cleaning process, and our quality inspectors check the cleaned area in the final stage of the job.

Hourly rates of cleaning:

Basic hourly rate: net 30 EUR / hour / person (This category includes general, deep cleaning, Total Showdown and additional services for normally contaminated properties).

Hourly rates of After construction cleaning: net  35 EUR / hour / person

Why is the hourly rate more expensive for this category? Because it is a special cleaning. It requires more expertise and attention. Much more sponges, rags, mop heads are used than for a general cleaning. We also need special tools (e.g. scraping blades, scrubbers, brushes) and machines.


Hourly rates of disinfectant cleaning: net 35 EUR / hour / person

Hourly rate for cleaning extremely dirty properties: net 50 - 75 EUR / hour / person

You can read more about the extreme cleaning here!

The price list for short term rental (apartment) cleaning can be found here!

What is included in our hourly rate?

Qualified cleaning staff, use of cleaning tools and cleaning equipment (excluding the brushes, pads, etc.). Quality control and guarantee! Because we, at Cleaning Commando give guarantee the quality of our work!

Basic cleaning package:

Our minimum package is the smallest package we can offer for an occasional cleaning. It includes 4 working hours, cleaning products (for average soiling) and a delivery fee (for assignments in the inner city districts). Of course, the fee also includes the use of state-of-the-art cleaning machines and the provision of cleaning equipment.

carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning / Upholstery cleaning

You can read more about the carpet (rug) cleaning here and here you can find detailed information about the upholstery (sofa) cleaning!

Our prices for floor carpet cleaning:

Depending on the level of contamination.

Net 5 - 10 EUR / sqm

Our prices for carpet cleaning:

Depending on the level of contamination and the type of the carpets.

Net 5 - 10 EUR / sqm

Hourly rate for upholstery cleaning:

The cleaning agent used is an extra cost, depending on the level of contamination and the size of the surface to be cleaned.

Net 30 EUR / hour / person + cleaning product

What other (extra) costs should I expect?

1. In the case of general cleaning:

under 50 m2 = 10 EUR

50 - 100 m2   = 13 EUR

100 - 150 m2 = 16 EUR

over 150 m2  = from 20 EUR

Organic package 15 - 25 EUR

2. In the case of deep cleaning:

under 50 m2 = 20 EUR

50 - 100 m2   = 20 - 30 EUR

100 - 150 m2 = 30 - 45 EUR

over 150 m2  = from 45 EUR

Organic package 45  - 60 EUR

3. After construction - / Post-renovation cleaning on the basis of an individual calculation.

Delivery fee:

The delivery charge depends on the distance from our head office to the property to be cleaned and the number of employees needed for the job.

Minimum delivery fee: 15 EUR

How much does the cleaning cost? The final amount can be influenced by many factors. For example, the time of the cleaning (weekdays or weekends, or at what time of the day the work needs to be done), the amount of dirt, etc., etc. But there are not only price increasing factors, the regularity of the cleaning, for example, entitles you to a discount! Our regular partners can use our cleaning services at a discount!

Do you have further questions? We help you about the prices of our services!

Please contact us! Here!

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