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Cleaning agents / Cleaning agent packages

Cleaning agents what we use:

  • Floor care: Ajax, Cif Professional Wood Floor Cleaner, Kiehl, Frosch and other industrial floor cleaners

  • Bathroom cleaning, Sanitary cleaning: Frosch Anti Calc Vinegar and other Frosch products, Kiehl Power-Fix Gel, vinegar, Frosch Levander Hygiene Cleaner

  • Kitchen: Well Done degreaser, Frosch Soda kitchen cleaner, Cif liquid scrubber, Frosch liquid scrubber

  • General cleaning: Frosch Universal Cleaner, Jar, Ajax

  • Wood care: Pronto, Gold wax, Frosch Wood Cleaner

  • Window cleaning/Glass cleaning: Clin, Jar, Frosch, vinegar

  • Disinfectant cleaning: Sanytol, Domestos, Florasept, Suma Tab D4 Chlorine tablet

  • Against mold: Szavo

  • Leather care: olive oil or leather care product

Optional detergent packages:

Chemical package:

Ajax, Cif Prof. Wood Cleaner, Kiehl Power-Fix Gel, Cif liquid scrubber, Sanytol, Domestos, Szavo, Clin

Organic package:

Frosch Universal Cleaner, Frosch Anti Calc Vinegar, Frosch Soda Kitchen Cleaner, Frosch Levander Hygiene Cleaner, Frosch Himbeer-Essig WC cleaner, Frosch Wood Cleaner

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