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Extreme cleaning

There are situations where a property is so extremely contaminated that a civilian simply cannot deal with it. Most people turn their backs as soon as they open the door, as they are overcome by the unbelievable sight and struck by the unbearable stench. Such serious conditions can develop in the following cases:

  • Elderly, sick people are unable to clean the property and live for years/decades without cleaning, often with urine and faeces

  • Drug addicts' living quarters (commonly known as drug houses)

  • Homes of hoarders, garbage accumulators (When a person accumulates a terrible amount of garbage, often only paths are available to walk through in the yard or home)

  • After a deceased person or animal(s)

  • Homeless people move into a vacant property

  • Undemanding tenant after accumulating piles of rubbish and terrible dirt

Well, the Cleaning Commando provides professional help in these difficult situations! With our disinfecting cleaning options, we will disinfect and deodorize the affected property after the extreme cleaning is done!

The hourly rate for extreme cleaning is net 50 - 75 EUR / hour / person

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