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Upholstery cleaning / Furniture fabric cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning (furniture fabric cleaning) with spray-extraction machine

Professional upholstery cleaning (furniture fabric cleaning) with spray-extraction machine

Upholstered furniture, like carpets, needs thorough cleaning from time to time. Unfortunately, furniture fabrics are not immune to dust, it gets on them, gets into the fibers and is more difficult to remove dust and other dirt from fabrics than from a kitchen counter or a wood furniture surface. This calls for wet cleaning! As with carpets, upholstery is also prone to dust mites, which can cause respiratory illnesses. Of course, traces of soiling from constant use or food or drink stains from any 'accidents' can also be removed with a wet upholstery cleaner to restore your beloved sofa or chair to its former glory.

We can also remove extreme soiling, pet urine, wine or blood stains with a spray-extraction upholstery cleaning machine. To clean your upholstery as efficiently as possible, wet cleaning is preceded by a thorough vacuuming with a cylindrical brush.

If you want to get rid of dirt or blood, wine or chocolate stains or cat urine from daily use over time, or if you just want a refreshing upholstery cleaning, we've got it all. Order our extra upholstery cleaning service as part of our home cleaning package or even separately and we'll make your upholstered furniture look new!


Vacuum cleaning

Start the upholstery cleaning by vacuuming every square centimetre of the furniture fabric! This is the first step. Upholstery fabrics are vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner with a roller brush or dusting brush head, according to the professional specifications of the cleaning technology. These vacuum cleaner heads have a cylindrical brush that rotates to more effectively remove dust particles, hairs and bristles that can get caught in the fibres. When vacuuming furniture fabric, don't forget to vacuum the back and bottom of the furniture, but if you have a linen rack or other storage compartments inside, vacuum those too! After a thorough dusting, the second step is cleaning.



Wet cleaning of upholstery fabrics is done with a spray extraction machine. What do I need to know about this upholstery cleaning machine? A detergent solution is poured into the machine's tank. This mixture (water and detergent) is applied evenly to the upholstery through a nozzle. Do not leave the upholstery to soak for too long, but wait until the soaking time is over! In the meantime, brush the fabric in a circular motion with a softer brush suitable for upholstery. Then remove the dirty water from the fabric. For more serious stains, use an upholstery cleaner specifically designed for heavy stains. When this step is finished, spray the entire surface of the furniture again and then suck the moisture out again, using both the suction and spray functions of the upholstery cleaner. Once the second round is done, all that's left is to rinse.



When cleaning upholstery and furniture fabrics, rinsing is an essential step, just like washing clothes! Why is rinsing important? On the one hand because the cleaning product left in the fabric can leave a stain after drying, and in the worst case, the cleaning product left in the fabric can cause serious damage, and on the other hand, the improperly rinsed furniture can irritate the skin or cause other allergic symptoms! Rinsing can be done with clean water or with a neutralising rinse product. Use the spray function to apply the clean water to the already cleaned upholstery and then immediately suck it out. If necessary, repeat this step several times until the extracted liquid is clean. Now all that remains is to dry. If possible, ventilate the room and do not push the furniture back against the wall.

Upholstery cleaning with video

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