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Carpet cleaning / floor carpet cleaning

There are many carpets waiting for the carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is also important from a health point of view, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Especially if you have small children, because they play a lot on the carpet. Of course, if it's been soiled over time, it's not a very attractive sight either.

Carpets also have an undesirable inhabitant, the dust mite. Thousands of this tiny creature can be found in 1 gram of dust. Dust and dust mite droppings can easily cause allergic diseases, or in worse cases asthma. There are many ways to expel them, which you can read about in our blog article.

So there are several arguments in favor of machine carpet cleaning. It's a good idea to have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year, even if they don't look dirty yet. This reduces the number of dust mites and the chance of allergies. Not to mention the feeling of a clean, fresh carpet!

If you want to have beautiful clean carpets at home, you can simply order it next to one of our home cleaning packages as an extra, but if you just need a carpet cleaning, you can order that too! In Budapest, even with door-to-door delivery!

Before the cleaning of floor carpets, it is recommended to unpack the furniture from the room. If you have heavy or even almost immovable furniture, get rid of only the easy to move ones. This way you don't have to "play tetris" while cleaning carpets.

Steps for Carpet Cleaning

1. Preparation:

Before you start cleaning the carpet, you need to clear the area of all furniture and other objects so that you have proper access to the carpet to be cleaned. After cleaning the carpet, wait until it has dried completely before putting the furnitures back on the carpet! It's not good for the carpet if you put furniture on it while it's still wet, and of course wooden furniture absorbs the moisture in the carpet!

2. Dedusting / Vacuum cleaning:

The first step in carpet cleaning is dusting. There are many ways to do this, from an old carpet dusting rack, to modern dusting machines (of which there are several models available) or vacuuming (for more information on thorough vacuuming, go to our Blog). The key is to be thorough, making sure that the backing of the carpet is free of dust and dirt, for example!

3. Carpet cleaning:

There are two main types of carpet cleaning, wet and dry. Wet carpet cleaning can also be done in several ways, using a permet extraction machine, which sprays the carpet with the detergent solution through a valve, and then after the soaking time, the dirty water is sucked out of the carpet. Our permet extraction machines are equipped with a roller brush head for the most efficient cleaning. And of course, we have complete industrial carpet cleaning lines, where the carpet is soaked in a tub after dusting, then passes through a line of machines with multiple brushes scrubbing the entire surface of the carpet, and even a high-pressure water jet cleaning. The line is closed by a centrifuge, which removes almost all the moisture from the carpet.

The so-called dry carpet cleaning process is as follows. Then, a sawdust soaked in a special substance is sprinkled on the carpet and thoroughly worked into the carpet with a roller brush carpet cleaning machine. As hair-raising as it may seem, it's effective! The sawdust absorbs the dissolved dirt, which can then be removed from the carpet with a roller brush carpet dust extractor. Repeat these steps until the carpet is clean. Caution! Contrary to its name, this procedure is not completely dry, so dry carpet cleaning also has a drying time, although much shorter than the wet cleaning described above.

4. Drying / becoming dry:

The final step in carpet cleaning is to dry the cleaned carpet. You can leave this to nature, or you can use drying machines to speed up the process.

You can read about the pricing of carpet cleaning in the menu section of our prices!

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