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Total showdown

We created this package for those who like to make a good deal. Because this offer of ours is definitely one of the good deals!

Let's see what this service includes!

You get the most thorough cleaning possible in return for your money with all our exrtas!

It takes a lot of time to get to the end of all the cleaning and tidying up in your home, but it's worth it! Because after this high efficiency, detailed cleaning, your home are guaranteed a sparkling clean! After a thorough dusting of every nook and cranny, we'll clean all the doors and windows (including frames), unload all the shelves, dust the books, unpack and clean the cupboards, drawers and all the furniture, switches and technical equipment. We vacuum the carpets, the sofas, the beds. Then we will clean the carpets and upholstery with a spray-extraction cleaner! We wash your curtains* and other home textiles. If you have ironing facilities or a drying machine to dry freshly washed clothes, we'll iron them*. We fully clean and disinfect the bathroom and toilets. Then we'll make the kitchen as clean as possible, washing the dishes of course*. We clean the oven and the fridge inside as well and even the kitchen appliances. We'll thoroughly scour the whole house or apartment for dirt! We will remove the last speck of dust from your home! This package also includes cleaning your terrace or balcony. We use high quality cleaning machines during the complete cleaning!


So that's why we called it "TOTAL SHOWDOWN"! Because after this full extras deep cleaning, everything in your home will be clean!


*This package includes 2 servings, over those portion extra charge will apply. But of course at friendly price!

upholstery cleaning with Kaercher Puzzi 8/1 spay-extraction cleaning machine
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