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Oven cleaning

  One of the most, if not the most, unpopular parts of house cleaning is cleaning the cooker, the hob and the oven. This kitchen appliance is an essential piece of equipment for every household. If we neglect the oven cleaning and put it off for longer, it will be harder to clean off the gunk that has accumulated.

Besides, burnt food is not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it's also extremely unhealthy to cook food this way! So there are several reasons why it's not worth ignoring!

  There are ways you can prevent, for example, dripping food from baking tray to the bottom of the oven or grease from spilling out of the pan. There are various homemade ways to clean your oven that are completely environmentally friendly and chemical-free. And then of course there are the strong oven-cleaning chemicals, which also do a good job, but you have to be very careful with these cleaning products, because they can easily damage the materials, and after use it the cooking chamber must be rinsed!  Of course, if the oven is equipped with a self-cleaning function (pyrolytic, catabolic or hydrolytic), it is forbidden to use a cold-fat dissolver or any other strong oven-cleaning product!

  But if you want to forget about this hassle once and for all, order our 'oven cleaning' service, either add an extra to one of our cleaning packages or just on its own, and we'll do it for you.

Let's see what this service includes!

We clean and clean your oven inside and out, including all its accessories, grids, baking trays! Even if the oven is heavily soiled!

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