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Professional kitchen cleaning / Restaurant cleaning

Professional kitchen and restaurant cleaning to the highest standards (HACCP compliant). We remove all grease deposits, food residues, mould and soot so thoroughly that even Gordon Ramsay's chin would fall off! In this video, he explains how the kitchen where food is prepared for guests must always be spotlessly clean! In fact, at the end, he shows the kitchen of his own restaurant in New York, which is cleaned twice a day by the cleaners. You can order an occasional cleaning or a daily (regular) cleaning to ensure your kitchen is always clean! Ramsay's colleague says that: "No matter what size or type of restaurant is there, its kitchen should always be spotlessly clean! This is our opinion too!

But it's not just the kitchen area you can count on the Cleaning Commando's team to clean! By arrangement, we will clean the entire restaurant, the entire area, to the highest standard with the best cleaning machines, so that not only the food is prepared, but also consumed happens in Ramsay's clean conditions.

Our references

Trattoria La Coppola (complete deep cleaning)

Nudli (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Rumour Restaurant (Michelin star restaurant) (complete deep cleaning)

Mama Langosch (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Costes Downtown (Michelin star restaurant) (industrial kitchen complete deep cleaning)

Costes Kalvin (Michelin star restaurant) (after renovation cleaning for the kitchen and the restaurant)

Nobu Restaurant (curtains washing)

Amerikan School (kitchen deep cleaning)

San San Asian Gourmet Restaurant (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

Budapest, Dohany str 68. - Restaurant (complete deep cleaning)

Atlas bar Vienna (complete deep cleaning before the grand opening)

And more...

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