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Window cleaning

A Cleaning Commando's worker cleans the windows in a house

Soiling of the windows are strongly influenced by the location of the property. For example, street front windows are much more dustier than those facing an enclosed courtyard. A ground floor window facing a main road is a lot dirtier than windows in a 4th floor flat so therefore the ground floor windows need to be cleaned more frequently.

You can use environmentally friendly 'miracle cures' such as vinegar, lemon or baking soda for window cleaning too. We use Frosch's Anti-Calc Vinegar Universal cleaner and Jar.

  We start the window cleaning process by cleaning the case and the window frame! The first step is to vacuum the surface thoroughly. To do this, we use several types of special vacuum cleaner head unit. One is a brush head and the other is a crevice nozzle head, which is used to vacuum dirt out of even the smallest gaps. Then we wash them with a sponge and lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid! Don't leave out the cornices either! At this step, we also use an industrial steam cleaner to clean the dust from the smallest gaps and edges of joints. Then we wipe the frames with a dry cloth or paper towel, leaving the case and frame completely spotless and sparkling clean.

After then come the glasses. There are a variety of methods, tools and cleaning products available too. From the professional rubber window wiper to the blade scraper to the steam cleaning machines. There is only one goal when cleaning glass, and that is to keep it spotlessly clean. With vinegar water* we can make your windows stain and streak free! If the glass surface is very dirty, you have to use the blade scraper and also use a sponge to wash them. Of course, DO NOT scrub! If you would like to read more about window cleaning, please visit our Blog!


If you would like to hire the window cleaning to the professionals, simply order this extra service! Our "Deep Cleaning" package already includes the window cleaning as well as door cleaning!

Let's take a look what this service includes!

We make your windows sparkling clean, free of streaks and stains, including the frame and casing. The window cleaning process also includes cleaning the sills.


*The dilution ratio for vinegar water is 1/4 litre of vinegar to 1 litre of water!

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