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floor cleaning - floor scrubber and drier machines

First of all, about floor cleaning:

The floor cleaning, or as it is called in cleaning-technology, ground cleaning, is a very broad subject. It therefore requires specialised expertise, as the person carrying out the work must know which chemical cleaning product to use for different types of floor and which floor scrubbing machine or other cleaning machine can carry out the floor scrubbing and cleaning as efficiently as possible. If you want your floors (whether cold or warm) to be cleaned to the highest possible standard, contact us and we'll help you choose the right one for you from the list below. For a detailed guide to professional floor cleaning, read our blog post!

Cleaning floor coverings according to type:

There are 2 main types of carpet cleaning, wet carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Wet carpet cleaning has two further branches, one is spray-extraction carpet cleaning with a mobile carpet cleaning machine and the other one is the industrial carpet cleaning / carpet washing through a carpet cleaning machine line which has a dusting machine at the beginning and a big carpet spin-dryer at the end.. Our company uses a professional spray-extraction carpet cleaning machine for carpet cleaning and floor carpet cleaning, which we have complemented with a rotary-roller brush head unit for a higher quality of cleaning. The dry carpet cleaning process is used on floor carpets where wet cleaning is not allowed either due to the carpet manufacturer's specifications or due to wiring under the floor. For more information on carpet cleaning, please visit to the carpet cleaning subpage.

Cleaning of tiles, with grout cleaning:

There are several ways to clean the tiles. One is the floor scrubbing with scrubber-machine or floor scrubber dryer machine, the other floor cleaning way is the high-pressure washing with hot water and a special surface cleaning head unit, and there is a third opportunity the steam cleaning using steam cleaner machine or steam vacuum cleaner which proceeding kills the viruses and bacteria. Tiles are very resistant to strong chemicals and to the physical effects, so the only limit is the acid resistance of the fugue. We use a steam cleaner to clean the fugues to perfection. In more greasy environments, such as industrial kitchens, we clean with alkalis, and in calcareous environments, such as water closets, we clean with acids. In both cases, neutralisation is recommended!

Vinyl floors or linoleum cleaning:

Resin floor cleaning:

Cleaning of painted concrete floors:

Painted concrete floors are cleaned with floor scrubbers and scrubber dryer. Of course, this cleaning also starts with a thorough vacuuming, followed by a machine scrubbing with detergents. There are several scales of scrubbing/mopping machines, from soaking scrubbing to soaking/scrubbing/extracting.

Cleaning and sweeping asphalted areas with a sweeper:

Cleaning of asphalted areas is done in two steps. The first is the removal of non-sticky contaminations. This operation is carried out with a sweeper machine, as the areas involved are usually several thousand square metres. A small version of this machine, which sweeps at a rate of 1500 m2/hour, can be found in our cleaning machine park. Once we've finished with the sweeping, we can move on to cleaning the asphalt with a high-pressure washer and its special surface cleaning head unit. If you're dealing with greasy - oily dirt, you'll need to use a hot water washer. However, be aware that if the asphalt has been absorbing oil for a long time, it will not disappear completely without a trace.

Cleaning of paving stones:

The cleaning of paving stone is similar to that of asphalt. After scrubbing, you can use a hot water high-pressure washer with a special surface cleaning head unit. Hot water cleaning has many advantages, as its effectiveness lies in the ultra high temperature, so that a detergent-free, perfectly hygienic cleaning can be carried out in less time, with a shorter drying time.

Types of floor cleaning:

Manual floor cleaning

Floor cleaning with machine

Wet mopping

Wash up

Floor scrubbing with hand tools

Machine floor scrubbing:

Floor cleaning with scrubber / dryer machine:

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