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Office cleaning

clean office after the office cleaning

The Cleaning Commando adds the perfect cleanliness to your company's image!

3 reasons why your office should always be clean!

In many cases, a company office is much more than just a place to work or a store for the documents. An office represents the company, its appearance contributes to its image and can influence the outcome of negotiations with customers, suppliers or investors.

And from the perspective of the people who work there, cleanliness has other important effects. Although it is said that "Geniuses rule over chaos", but we take the view that "Order is the soul of everything". We believe that the vast majority of people prefer to work in a clean environment, so cleanliness has a positive effect on work.

It is also important from a health point of view to keep the workplace clean, because people pass germs and infections from hand to hand on door handles, computer keyboards and many other places.

What services do we offer for offices?

Regular office cleaning

Cleaning Commando can clean the offices of companies on a daily basis, but if you only want to clean the headquarters once a week, you can also do that. The frequency of cleaning can be chosen individually. You can order daytime or after-hours cleaning, but if it is a busy office with a large number of clients or a high staffing level, we can also provide daytime cleaning staff.

Occasional deep cleaning

Even in an office or head office, a comprehensive clean is necessary from time to time. The intervals at which a clean should be carried out are influenced by circumstances such as:

  • the size of the workforce

  • what the daily cleaning routine covers

  • the level of activity in the area concerned

  • whether there is customer traffic (if so, the number of visitors to the premises)

  • the location of the office or headquarters (e.g. is it next to a busy road, if so there is more dust and more dirt on the windows)

It is recommended that a deep cleaning is carried out at least once a year, even if the office appears to be the cleanest. You can choose the tasks individually, even if you want to add carpet and upholstery cleaning to your cleaning. All furniture that can be moved out of its place and cleaned behind, underneath and above it, their tops and bottoms cleaned and, of course, the inside of cupboards wiped clean if required. The cleaning of windows and doors and their frames is automatically included in this package. If you want to see a more detailed description of the cleaning process, you can find it in our Blog. As mentioned above, you can tailor the tasks included in the cleaning package to suit your individual needs, contact us for details.

Disinfecting office cleaning

The Cleaning Command also performs full office disinfection! There are several types and degrees of disinfection. From surface disinfection to air disinfection, we do it all professionally. To make sure we can really do it professionally, we visited the Chief Medical Officer of the Surface Disinfection Department of the WHO, and learn more about the disinfectant cleaning. Disinfection is no substitute for cleaning! One of the basic requirements for perfect disinfection is thorough cleaning before disinfection, because, for example, in the case of an ozone generator disinfection, the ozone from the machine kills all bacteria and viruses, but if there is virus-contaminated mucus or secretions on the surface, the ozone does not enter the surface and does not come into direct contact with the pathogens, so they can survive the treatment! You can read about this in the HVG article. Therefore, for the most effective results, we recommend disinfecting surfaces with surface disinfectants, with the right exposure time in mind, and then disinfecting the air space. Contact us for professional office disinfection!

After construction or renovation cleaning

Is your brand new office ready? Or is the old one ripe for renovation and the only thing holding you back from taking possession is the lack of cleaning? Contact us and we'll get rid of all the dust, paint and other construction/renovation debris left behind by the workers as soon as possible, and you can finally occupy your company's much anticipated new or renewed office!

Window cleaning

If your company's office just needs window cleaning or you want to see the interior glass walls perfectly clean again, choose the window cleaning option when ordering cleaning!

Optional Workflows:


  • Removing cobwebs

  • Dedusting and cleaning of lamps and lighting fixtures

  • Dust removal

  • Dusting and cleaning of furniture (cupboards, chairs, tables)

  • Cleaning of window sills

  • Vacuum cleaning of upholstered parts of seating furniture

  • Dusting and cleaning of wall surfaces (tiles, panelling)

  • Cleaning of pictures, switches

  • Dedusting and cleaning of radiators, heaters

  • Cleaning of flower holders, dusting and care of plants

  • Dusting and cleaning of electronic equipment (TV, computer, photocopier, etc.)

  • Emptying litter bins, ashtrays

  • Replacement of refuse bags

  • Mopping of floors (parquet, tiles), vacuum cleaning of carpets

  • Extras:

    • All-over dusting (behind furniture, on top of cupboards)

    • Window cleaning (glass surfaces + window frames)

    • Upholstery cleaning

    • Carpet cleaning

    • Curtain cleaning

    • Textile washing

    • Cleaning of cupboards (inside of cupboards + drawers)

Restrooms / Toilettes

  • Cleaning and disinfecting toilets and urinals

  • Cleaning and disinfection of toilets

  • Cleaning of mirrors

  • Cleaning and disinfection of tiles

  • Cleaning and disinfection of doors

  • Floor mopping

  • Window cleaning (glass surfaces, frames) - Extra service!

Kitchen / dining room

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Dust removal

  • Dedusting and cleaning of lamps and lighting fixtures

  • Cleaning the counter and work surfaces

  • Cleaning the outside of cabinets

  • We clean the front of the oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave

  • Dust and wipe down kitchen equipment (such as coffee machines)

  • Sinks and taps are cleaned

  • Empty the dustbin

  • Extras :

    • Oven cleaning

    • Refrigeration cleaning

    • Window cleaning

    • Dishwashing


  • Removing cobwebs

  • Dust removal

  • Mopping of stairs and turns, vacuum cleaning of carpeted floors

  • Dusting and cleaning of light fittings and lamps

  • Cleaning of wall surfaces (tiles, panelling)

  • Cleaning of railings

  • Vacuum cleaning of doormats

  • Extras :

    • Window cleaning

    • Carpet cleaning

Corridors / passageways

  • Removing cobwebs

  • Dust removal

  • Cleaning of light fittings, lamps

  • Dusting and cleaning of wall surfaces (tiles, panelling)

  • Cleaning of pictures, switches

  • Mopping of floor surfaces (tiles, parquet, marble), vacuum cleaning of carpets

  • Extras :

    • Cleaning of windows (glass surfaces, frames)

    • Cleaning of glass surfaces

    • Carpet cleaning

Because it's better to work in a clean office!

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