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Basic cleaning package

In the case of ordering house or apartment cleaning for individuals, the first level is represented by our basic cleaning package.

Let's see what's included in this package!

During a *general cleaning all accessible surfaces in rooms, bedrooms and other rooms are cleaned and dusted. We wipe down the outside of all furniture, mirrors, tiled walls and paneling. We dust and clean the electrical equipments, pictures and switches. We finish the cleaning by vacuuming and damp mopping the floor.

In the kitchen, the counter, the work surfaces, and the outside of the cupboards are cleaned, the cutlery drawer, the front of the oven, fridge, dishwasher and microwave are also taken care of. We dust and wipe down the kitchen appliances (such as the blender). Sinks and taps are cleaned and freed of limescale, bins are emptied and fitted with new bin liners (if a bin is fitted in the cupboard under the tap, these are  wiped clean too).

In the bathroom, we clean and disinfect both the bath and the shower cubicle (including the shower cubicle’s door), sinks and taps and their associated tiled surfaces. The toilet and bidet are cleaned and disinfectedas well! In the toilets, we do not give up at half way, and wash the tiles around the toilet up to breast height, clean the area behind the bowl after, its entire surface has been freed of limescale and disinfected! The procedure of cleaning the floor does not spare the corners, as we finish it by vacuuming and mopping.

What is not included in the basic cleaning package!

It does not include unpacking the books and other items from cupboard shelves, cleaning the tops of cupboards over 180 cm, pulling large pieces of furniture out of place, washing curtains or cleaning windows and window frames. We don't unpack your fridge or clean the inside of your oven, which you can also order as extras. These tasks are included in our "Deep Cleaning" package, but you can also choose our additional services to complement the basic package according to your needs.

When do we recommend our smallest cleaning package?

We offer this package when the property to be cleaned is not neglected, nor too dusty, not too fouled, or not too heavily contaminated. So the apartment or the house is regularly cleaned. If, on the other hand, it's been a long time since the property has been sorted out properly, then it's okay, we recommend our  Deep Cleaning  or TOTAL SHOWDOWN cleaning package!  Let's look at some of the examples, without including all available options:

  • For homes that are cleaned regularly

  • If you receive guests before their arrival and/or after their departure

*Part below a height of 180 cm.

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