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Are there mountains of unwashed glasses and plates? Stop putting off the washing up! If you don't have a dishwasher, you'll have to wash the dirty cutlery and the dirty plates by hand. Food residue can dry on plates and utensils in up to a day, so much so that you can hardly scrape it off. Not to mention that removing used oil from the pan, or even cooking stew that have been burnt to to the bottom of the pot, is also a very unpleasant job. These stubborn stains are much easier to wash off if you first wipe the oily pan dry with a paper towel and soak the pan immediately after use, loosening the burnt layer. It's a good idea to rinse glasses, plates and cutlery immediately after a meal to make washing up easier.

Let's see what includes this service?

1 sink full of plates, glasses, dishes counts as 1 serving!


Sometimes, however, the unwashed in and around the sink can reach terrible proportions. For example, when you've gathered a large family for a celebratory lunch or dinner, or had a birthday party with lots of guests all evening. But there's also a lot of washing up to do if you've got dusty plates and glasses in the cupboards because guests are coming. We're here to help, no matter how many dishes are left unwashed. Simply order our "Dishwashing" service as an extra with one of our cleaning packages, but if you don't want to have the whole apartment cleaned, that's an option too! You can order it only in combination with kitchen cleaning!

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