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Cupboards cleaning

Unfortunately, dust is also deposited in the wardrobes or cupboards, although not as intensively as in the rest of the apartment thanks to the doors, and in the worst case even moths can get into your clothes! Therefore, it is necessary to clean them from time to time.


If you order our "Cupboards Cleaning" service, we will unpack the contents of your closet (which you should go through and select out the unnecessary or no longer used items) and wash the inside and shelves with lukewarm detergent water. Then wipe dry and, after a short time, once the contents have dried completely, put them back in an orderly fashion. Then check the top of the cupboard and if it is dusty, dust and wipe it down.


 This service can also be ordered alone if you only need to tidy the cupboards, but after the cupboard cleaning is finished, it is advisable to clean the room as well!

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