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Door cleaning

  The cleaning of doors and door handles is not only aesthetic, but also sanitary (hygiene)! Think about it! How many times do we grip the handle of a door? For example, the handle of the toilet! Research has shown that among the biggest sources of bacteria is the doorknob itself. An experiment in England has shown that sixty per cent of subjects who touched an infected doorknob in a hotel room contracted the disease. So don't take cleaning them lightly!

  Children also leave marks with their little hands on the doors of the rooms as they push the doors opened or closed. But dust gets deposited on doors just like on everything else. If there is a glass surface on the doors, it is also worth cleaning it from fingerprints and smudges.

  In a word, doors are an important element of the homes, the front door gives the first impression. If they are dirty, it has a negative impact on the well-being! If you don't want to bother with cleaning your doors, order this additional ' door cleaning' service with one of our cleaning packages and you'll have not only windows but also doors and their frames sparkling clean. Our deep cleaning package and Total showdown package already include this extra.

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