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We brought an extremely dirty carpet back from the grave! - Premium carpet cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning Centre faced a tough challenge today. The cause for excitement was a much dirtier than average carpet. We also made a video of this tedious carpet cleaning. And if you're interested in the technical details of carpet cleaning, scroll down and read the full blog post! Have fun!

So, the carpet was put on the washing area after a thorough dusting and vacuuming. Because the level of soiling was so high that there are large patches of dark discolouration visible to the naked eye, with small patches of quite dark colour here and there. Therefore we chose the single disc scrubbing machine as a starting weapon. After a thorough soaking, we sprinkled it with a detergent solution consisting of water and a special industrial detergent. We then mounted the soft carpet cleaning brush on our sturdy single-disc scrubber (Kärcher BDS), which allowed us to work the solution effectively into the fibres. As soon as the carpet is soaked, you can see how the water, discoloured by dirt, is released from the carpet. Much more chemicals and extra stain removers than usual had to be used. The carpet was so dense and short-haired that we had to scrub both the colour and the backing with the red, or medium-strength, brush, but this was done with the small brush on the single-disc scrubber. We also used a hot water (30 C°) high pressure washer to thoroughly clean the carpet, to use both the heat and the power of the high pressure water to help achieve the perfect finish. We squeezed the moisture out of the carpet thoroughly with a special paddle, then rinsed it in the centrifuge once more with a water jet before centrifuging it until it was almost dry. It dried outdoors in 30 minutes!

Did you know that sunlight kills a significant proportion of dust mites? That's one of the reasons why we dry our carpets in the sun when the weather is good.

We hope you have found some useful information! And don't forget, if you need carpet cleaning, get in touch with Carpet Cleaning Centre of the Cleaning Commando!


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